6 Latest Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Every one year from now, new and advanced technologies come out, existing old technologies get smarter and more bombarded with marketing.

These are the new latest key trends to follow for another successful year of digital marketing company for your website.

Let’s see what are the top trends for SEO in 2019?

  1. Content marketing
  2. Artificial Intelligence
  3. Chatbots
  4. Video Marketing
  5. Voice Search & Smart Speakers
  6. Visual Search

1. Content marketing:

Nowadays it's time to get serious about your content marketing. Content is king and essential component of digital marketing.

A content marketing plan get helps you to align your content for your business goals.


What Makes You Unique?


  1. Define your goal and topics what you want to write for it: Find a trending topic that your target customer is interested in.
  2. Find a keyword : Go to keyword planner tool
  3. Determine which types of content you want to create.

                Blog Posts




                Social Media

  1. Find Your Competitor’s Best Content Ideas.
  2. Publish, optimize and manage your content.

2. Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has come to stay.  Artificial Intelligence will have a major impact on SERP. The effect of Artificial Intelligence on the search engine result pages and ranking of websites will be predominant in 2019. Google utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) to imitate human behavior on these sites. Google removes substantial totals of user data to show how user friendly the websites and how important they would be in internet searcher results.

3. Chatbots:

Chatbots are showing up everywhere in the website. From business websites to mobile apps and social media newsfeeds.

Chatbots play a critical role in improving the user experience and allow marketers to better engage with their audience - without really doing much.


Here are some Benefits of incorporating a chatbot in your business website.


                    Improving user engagement 

                   Chatbots give users a personalized experience.

                   Keep up with latest trends to make your business stay relevant. 

                   chatbot improves customer service

                   Increasing Website Functionalities

4. Video Marketing:


If you have not already started using video in your digital marketing, 2019 is the time to start? Thanks to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube is the fast growing segment of online video traffic due to the remarkable waves in last 3 years.

The live video provides a best way to connect with the audience, and user like it more as compared to the simple video.


Advertisers can utilize video for several strategies, even for advertising. Here are a few kinds of marketing videos any business can make in 2019:


                  Product Review

                  Live Videos: In 2019 live video is probably the newest trend for digital marketing.

                  Demo videos are the best way to show off your product.

                  How-to videos

                  Event videos

                  Customer testimonials

                  Paid Videos Advertising

5. Voice Search and Smart Speakers:

Google Voice search is undoubtedly rising in popularity. By 2020, 60% of all inquiries will be voice based according to ComScore.

Voice search is basically a type of mobile searching. Individuals utilize their phones and portable devices to discover replies for the duration of the day, but instead of typing in what they are searching for onto a keypad, they're enlisting the help of digital assistants.

Online Marketers presently understand that voice looks matter, and they are setting aside the effort to adjust their online business before they get passed by.

Voice search is revolutionizing the way people look for a particular product or services, simply because it is easy and effective.

6. Visual Search:

Now a day’s Visual search can take the user experience to a totally new level. In use of visual search, users can upload an image to conduct a search and get more specific results.


                   The human mind is incredibly visual, it can identify pictures inside 15 milliseconds.

                   90% of all information received by the brain is visual.

                   Images are returned for 19%of search queries on Google. 

                   Visual Image-based Pinterest Ads 5%conversion rate.

                  21% of Pinterest users use traditional search less when they have an option to use visual search.



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